The Trojan Horse

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The Trojan Horse

After Paris kidnapped Helen from the king of Sparta, Menelaus (Spartan King) amasses a giant army and attacks Troy, Paris' city.

Achilles, the greatest Greek hero, kills a Trojan hero named Hector. After killing this Trojan, the Greek attaches his dead body to a chariot that he drives around the city. Paris, seeing such cruel acts done to his dead countryman, snipes Achilles' foot with a poisoned arrow, thus killing him.

Finally, the Spartan king declared to his soldiers that enough was enough when Achilles died, and that he had an astonishing plan. He wanted to carve a giant hollow wooden statue of a horse with wheels on its feet and put 30 soldiers in it. With the rest of the army he would sail behind an island and wait. When the Trojans would come out of their homes and see the horse they would probably go to it and see an inscription written by the king of Sparta on it that stated that the horse was an offering to Poseidon. The Trojans would then take it into their city.

The king's plan worked, and the Trojans took the horse into their city and thought that the war had ended, so they got drunk and fell asleep. That night the Spartans in the horse opened up the gates of Troy and Menelaus entered with all of his troops burning the city to the ground.