The Terms of the Peace of Paris, 1783

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The Terms of the Peace of Paris, 1783

In 1783, the American Revolutionary War ended, and three ambassadors from the newly formed United States went to Paris to discuss peace terms with the British. These were those peace terms:

  1. The United States is recognized as a free nation by Britain.
  2. The people of the United States are allowed to continue fishing along the coasts of Newfoundland, provided that they only land on unoccupied coasts or in towns that let them stay there.
  3. The creditors of either side are allowed to collect their debts.
  4. The land taken from the Loyalists would be given back to them.
  5. No one would be prosecuted for siding with the British in the war.
  6. There would be peace between Britain and the United States, all prisoners on either side would be freed, and all British troops will be withdrawn from the United States without further destruction.
  7. The Mississippi River would be open to both American and British citizens.
  8. If any place was conquered by either side before the treaty was published, it would be returned immediately and without compensation.