The Plot of The Jungle Book

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The Plot of The Jungle Book


One day an evil tiger named Shere Khan attacks a human baby near a campfire. The baby runs away through the forest right into a wolve's den. These wolves obeyed the law of the jungle which forbade them from killing a baby human. The baby was taken care of by the wolves.

Rising Action:

When the baby grows up, he is called Mowgli. He becomes friends with the panther Bagheera. This animal tells the kid to get some fire from the nearby village and he burns his enemy wolves who had recently kicked out their former chief.

Mowgli then goes to the nearby village and moves in with a family that was not his own. After living in the village for some time Mowgli becomes a herder boy, who took care of bulls.


One of Mowgli's wolf friends tells him to go to a certain valley because there was Shere Khan lying in wait. So Mowgli had a good idea. His idea was that he would take his bulls near Shere Khan, make them angry, then the beasties would crush the tiger. Soon after leaving his wolf friends, he carries out his plan: he kills Shere Khan using bull power (Powerade not included in the price).

Falling Action:

After being stoned half to death by his village because of "sorcery", Mowgli skins Shere Khan and takes his hide back to his wolf mom. He places the skin of the evil tiger on a rock where his father wolf was sitting.


Mowgli and his brothers go hunting and the kid becomes the alpha of his pack.