The Life Cycle of a Frog

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The Life Cycle of a Frog

The life cycle of a frog begins when two frogs mate. A long string of jelly-like eggs that are called frogspawn are released into the water by the female. After a few days, the eggs mature, and the insides turn into small tadpoles. They eat their way out of the eggs, and hunt around for food.

Some of the things that frogs eat are algae, and small insects that are in the water. Some of these small frogs will grow larger, and will be able to eat bigger foods than before.

Then the froglet stage begins, and the baby frogs grow two large back legs. Slowly but surely the frogs begin to lose their gills, and they start breathing through their skin. After a while, they lose their tails, and grow front legs. Development of an egg to an adult frog is called metamorphosis. They leave the water, and soon will continue the cycle.

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