The Han Rule in China

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The Han Rule in China

When the Quin dynasty fell the Han dynasty began its rule in China.

This dynasty had a strong government. The only officials that were appointed were the friends or family of the ruler. This dynasty also lowered taxes, reduced punishments, and built irrigation systems and other necessities for farming.

When the emperor Lui Bang died in 195 B.C. his wife Lü ruled until her son would grow older. The son of the empress was called Wudi he was also known by the title: "The Martial Emperor." Wudi conquered South China, North Vietnam, and North Korea.

Fish and other meats were very expensive, this meant that if you were a poor farmer you would only be able to eat meat on very special occasions. If you were a rich farmer you would have oxen to pull the plow, but if you were poor you would have to plow the ground yourself.