Sensory Images

Sensory Images
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Sensory images are literary devices that engage a reader by telling them what the character in the story sees, feels, touches, tastes, or smells.

For example, here is a short story I wrote using sensory images about mining in a cave in the video game Minecraft.

In the Cave
I stare into a dark cave, torch in hand, ready to enter into the unknown depths of the earth;
The drip-drip-dripping of wet stalactites resounds in my ears as I pass them, hoping none of the pointy rocks would fall on my head;
The putrid odor of zombies permeates the blackness, don't those guys ever wash?!
My torch goes out!
Groping around in the inky darkness, I feel a bony hand and a wooden object;
An arrow from the skeleton's bow strikes me in the gut!
I reach for a golden apple, eating it before the enemy can fire again, my sword is out, and his head is on the floor.