Milo of Croton the Legendary Olympian

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Milo of Croton the Legendary Olympian

There once was a man who was named Milo. Every four years he attended the Olympics and won every time. The Olympics were a series of games in which men competed for a crown of olive leaves supposedly made by Hercules.

It was believed that Milo had trained his whole entire life. There was a rumor that Milo had carried a calf since he was young. Each day Milo grew older and stronger, and so did the calf until Milo could lift a fully grown ox.

Another story was that Milo was carrying an ox and became hungry. The strong man killed the ox with a single blow, cooked it, and then ate the entire animal. That same day he and his friend had stopped in an abandoned house to catch their breath when the roof started collapsing. Milo held the roof until he and his friend escaped.

When Milo had grown old his strength diminished. One day, he was walking in a forest, when he saw a tree that was almost chopped down. He tried pulling it down, but his hands got stuck and he got ripped apart by wild animals.