The Aztecs in A Nutshell

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The Aztecs in A Nutshell
A wall in a temple showing skulls probably showing human sacrifice

The Aztec empire existed between 1345AD and 1521 AD. In the nation's lifetime, temples, cities, and many other structures were built by its people. When the Empire was at its height, it spread from Mexico to Costa Rica, which is now known as the land of Mesoamerica.

During its time, the Aztecs built a highly advanced society. One of its most famous inventions was a calendar. The Aztecs had a mighty military, which was one of the factors that helped them spread their culture and religion throughout most of Mesoamerica.

In 1519, Spanish conquistadors arrived in Mesoamerica led by Hernán Cortés and, with help from the Aztec's enemies, ended the war on August 13, 1521, creating a new colony called New Spain.