Leonardo Da Vinci's Interest in Human Anatomy

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Leonardo Da Vinci's Interest in Human Anatomy

Leonardo Da Vinci lived from 1452-1519.

He was an artist, an engineer, and a scientist.

He was interested in anatomy early in his career, but was too busy to be able to study it in depth. Later, he was a witness to an old man’s death, and after the man died, he found that he had little fat, and thought that having little fat made him live longer.

Da Vinci started drawing pictures of the human body in 1489, and he produced extremely accurate cross-sectional representations of the human skull.
In 1507, he became interested in anatomy again when the incident with the old man happened.
From 1510 to 1513 he concentrated on anatomy, and drew “The Embryo in the Womb”, a drawing still in some medical textbooks today.

Leonardo Da Vinci is famous for his anatomical drawings and his inventions.

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