King Philip's War

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King Philip's War

King Philip's war was one of the most important events in the Colonial period. It was the most destructive war in American history relative to the size of the population.

This war started when the American Indians became dependent on English goods and started selling their lands to be able to buy more. One tribes' leader died, and his son, Metacom (King Philip), became the tribal leader. He tried to make peace with the English but could not stand the sale of land, so he attacked them.

This war lasted for almost two years, between 1675-76. It was fought in the present day states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts between the English and their Native American allies and the Wampanoag and their allies. During this war, 12 of the region's towns were destroyed and over one-tenth of their available fighting men were killed.

It ended when a Native American soldier found and killed Philip, who was hiding in Rhode Island. The leader was drawn and quartered, and his head was put on a pole for warning to the rest of their enemies.