Julius Caesar Rises to Power

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Julius Caesar Rises to Power

Julius Caesar was the first-ever emperor of Rome. He wanted to become powerful so that he could end poverty created by the government.

He started a campaign portraying himself as a savior and a king destroying poverty. When the senators and governors saw that he was trying to gain power, they fought against his campaign. Cicero, a famous Roman orator, spoke to the people and encouraged them to not vote for Julius because he believed that kings have the potential to turn into tyrants from the amount of power they had.

Julius, seeing this attempt on his campaign, led his army to Rome and before Cicero could gather a following, Julius was put on the throne by the throngs of citizens who were sick of poverty.

Soon after becoming king, he was murdered by some of his enemies. Cicero fled the city because he was afraid of being blamed for the murder. Augustus, Caesar's son, became the king but changed his title to "emperor''. Cicero returned to Rome and spoke against the rule of one man, and spoke for a republic form of government for Rome, but Augustus caught him and murdered him.