Indus Valley Trading, Transportation, and Industry

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Indus Valley Trading, Transportation, and Industry

The Indus Valley was very different from many other civilizations in that region because of it's trade, transportation, and industry.

The Indus people had different industries. Some of these were: farming, carpentry, bead making, etc. The people planted barley, dates, grain and other plants. They built sea going ships and docks. They domesticated pigs, horses, camels, dogs, and buffalo. They were the first people in the world to have kept chickens. They also cultivated sesame for oil and cotton for clothes. They also made pots, jewelry, beads, etc.

For transportation Indus people used boats for getting to trading centers across seas; they used camels to go cross-country for trading. They also had carts which they used for carrying food, jewelry, clothes, etc. They were the first people to use wheels in transportation.

The people who lived in neighboring lands traded for beads, metal, and stone from the Indus people. The things that the Indus people traded for were things that could not be found in their country, one of these things being cedar wood.