How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

When you drink soda or eat sugary foods bacteria creates acid that slowly eats away at your teeth. Sometimes a layer forms over the acid thus holding it on your tooth. This layer is called plaque. The reason you have to brush your teeth is that you have to remove the plaque and get rid of the acid. Sometimes if you drink or eat sugary foods slowly the acid infects your gums. If you eat sticky foods then you should wash your teeth right away because the food generates plaque and is harder to remove.

Five tips for keeping your teeth healthy are:

  1. Brushing your tongue will reduce the chance of plaque forming on your teeth.
  2. Use flosses to remove plaque from between your teeth.
  3. Eat healthy crunchy foods to prevent plaque from forming.
  4. Instead of drinking soda drink milk and water because soda has a higher chance of generating plaque than milk.
  5. Drink milk because it adds calcium to your teeth which makes them strong.

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