What People in the Middle Ages Ate

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What People in the Middle Ages Ate

Peasants loved to eat bread, so they baked their own, which was usually brown bread made of barley, oats, or millet. This type of bread was eaten by peasants, while white bread was eaten by the nobility of the land. The common folk also ate an assortment of vegetables and meats that they had on their farms.

The rich folks did not eat so many vegetables because they were not considered nutritious enough to be eaten, but when they ate them, they had onions, garlic and leeks. The rich people's diet consists mainly of bread and lots of meat. In the Middle Ages, people did not drink so much water because it was filthy, they usually drank beer, even children drank a type of beer but with as little alcohol as possible.

Unlike in the movies, the medieval people did not cook over open fires, but rather cooked on charcoals that were the results of one of those fires.

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