Blind Bartimaeus

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Blind Bartimaeus

By George MacDonald (1824 – 1905)

Blind Bartimaeus is a poem about a blind man in the Bible who is healed by Jesus Who is on His way to Jericho. Bartimaeus and his friend who is also blind shout to Jesus "Have mercy, Son of David." Jesus then stops in front of them and heals them.

In the second two stanzas the poet is describing the scene in which the healing takes place. The author using a metaphor says that he too is blind, but he means that he is spiritually blind, not physically blind. He calls on Jesus because He is the only one that can heal and help him.

In this poem Jesus walks over to the beggar and heals his eyes and his friend's eyes. The man's friend leaves, but the beggar follows Jesus and believes in him.

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