Ben opens up Shop in Philadelphia

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Ben opens up Shop in Philadelphia

After Ben Franklin came back from England, he thought he was set as a merchant, but then his boss dies and Ben goes back to being a printer. He worked for the same man that he was employed by before he went to England, but soon quits because of maltreatment.

One of the printer's other employees (Mercer) also quits, and Ben and he become friends. Mercer's rich dad helps his son and Ben set up their own printing shop, and they soon go into business.

Unluckily, the owners still had a hundred pounds to pay, and they were threatened to be sued if they don't hand over the cash. The only problem was that they didn't have ANY cash to pay the merchant.

Two of Ben's friends want to give him the money to get out of debt, the only condition being that he needed to fire Mercer, because he was drunk half the time, and did not know how to use a printing press. Luckily, Mercer decided to leave anyway, so Ben got the money and paid off his debt.