The Death of The Athenian Nation

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The Death of The Athenian Nation

After Alexander's death, the Athenians decided to revolt. This was not a good idea since the Macedonian general ruling over the Greek nations, Antipater, was not gone for long. When he got home, he found Athens in turmoil, so he captures the leader of the uprising, Demosthenes, and kills him.

An Athenian general almost leads them to victory when he and his army force the Macedonians to be besieged in their city, but he gets killed in a fight.

When the Athenians had elected a man named Phocion to lead them he was a coward and did not wish to fight the Macedonians.

Even though the Athenians had fought Antipater, he wanted to avoid fighting because he wanted to be king of Alexander's empire and did not want enemies. An Athenian tells his fellows to kill themselves with poison because their leaders are siding with the enemy, and many of them do, ending the Athenian rule over Greece.