A funny story of Benjamin Franklin

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A funny story of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin and his friends liked to fish in a small pond in the forest. Unluckily, they went there so many times that the pond became a quagmire.

Ben had a really good idea, he and some friends would use a pile of rocks laying nearby to build a small dock so that they would not have to step in the disreputable sludge every time they went there to fish. He had gotten this idea while watching the ships in the harbor.

At night they went to the pile of stones, carrying most of them to the waterside, thus building a handsome dock, from which they could fish to their heart's content.

The next day, the builders using the stones were vexed to find that they were all gone, and Ben and his mates admitted to using the stones in their dock. The builders were not amused, and the boys needed to take apart their dock to placate the builders.